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8 - 10 August

Flooding Alert from Scottish Water

Intense rainfall events and flooding

Dear all,


The recent intense rain storms across many areas of the north of Scotland are impacting surface water drains and sewers with excess water.


During severe weather events such as these, drains and watercourses may be temporarily unable to cope with the amount of surface water from land, buildings, footpaths and roadways.


We would like to assure you that whilst our teams have been responding to a higher than normal number of incidents of reported sewer flooding across the north, we are working hard to ensure we respond to and provide support for customers. We are also working closely with local authorities who operate the surface water drains and are responsible for the majority of watercourses.


If you are receiving contact from residents regarding any storm-related sewer flooding in your area, there is a lot of useful information on our website, including details to help any affected customers contact Scottish Water directly - see  


We are continuing to monitor weather systems, including the Yellow Weather Warnings which have been issued covering much of the north, north east and Tayside over the coming days, to ensure our customer response teams can respond as quickly as possible to flooding events.


Kind regards,


Gavin Steel

Corporate Affairs Manager (North)

Phone: 07484 517674




Marr Area Bus Forum Minutes (20 September 2018).pdf

2021+ Local Development Plan:

The Community Council have drafted a response to the Planning Department on their longterm planning requirements 2021+.

Summary of responses

Cluny - Sauchen

The CMM Community Council request that GR017 planning bid is rejected.

The CMM Community Council request that GR030 planning bid is given consideration.


The CMM Community Council request that GR074 planning bid is rejected.

The CMM Community Council request that GR054 planning bid is given consideration.


The CMM Community Council request that MR074 planning bid is rejected.

To register your support please send an email to:

Stating: “We support the recommendations of the Cluny, Midmar, and Monymusk Community Council, in their response to the LDP Main Issues Report”

Main Issues Report CMMCC Comments.pdf

Please Send your response before 8th April.

Sauchen Library now open, thanks to Jackie McLelland and helpers for getting this up and running.


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